Thank you very much for interest to Russian diving history.


1999 - official state registration as non-profit organization (N 176001 from December 24, 1999) with Gauzen’s helmet as logo.

2000 - Orbeli’s descendants official permission for rights to name after Ruben Orbeli for HDS Russia

2001 - determination of the main rules and regulations in the national and international contacts of HDS Russia.

2002 - HDS Russia successful re-registration as a legal entity.

Since 2002 – publication of scientific works of HDS Russia.


A member of HDS Russia, PhD, historian from Vladivistok Alexey Usov created on Facebook page of the scientific project on the history of EPRON "Rise from the depths of decades"


January 28, 2019 a commemorative plaque by Mikhail Shemyakin devoted to engineer and diver Nina Sokolova was placed in a house on Petrogradskaya side of SPb, where she was living since 1957 to 2001.


A Diving museum included the Soviet observation chamber "Sever-1" circa 1962 was opened in Delauze's house in Marceille - see


The sketch about the fate of family of Boris, Olga and Anna Nikolsky was published on the web page www.аследков.рф


In Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences the fund of Ruben Orbeli containing 544 units of storage will open for researchers since 2019.